The Paper Crane

Peyton’s Paper Crane Project is an ongoing project collecting paper cranes and giving 1,000 paper cranes to one child at a time who is undergoing cancer treatment. Send your crane (or many cranes) back to us. Write a message on it if you want. We collect and string the cranes together and send them to children with cancer.  Follow us on instagram -- @peytonspotion -- to see the happy faces of the children that the cranes from our customers fly to. We love that along with you we are continuing the legacy of the hope, perseverance, healing, and peace of 1,000 paper cranes.

Early in Peyton’s cancer treatment he received a surprising and one-of-a-kind gift from a loving and generous stranger, Tomoko Hauck. Tomoko painstakingly folded 1,000 very small paper cranes for Peyton. In Japanese tradition, 1,000 paper cranes are given to a person who is seriously ill for hope for their recovery.

Tomoko’s gift inspired Peyton and he followed in her footsteps throughout his cancer treatment, folding and gifting paper cranes to other children with a cancer diagnosis. Peyton extended his efforts with his Peyton’s Paper Crane Project by teaching others how to make paper cranes at the annual Rally the Valley fundraiser for cancer patients in his hometown. On Peyton’s final day of chemotherapy, February 15, 2014, he and Jess went all around their town, Glenwood Springs, and placed paper cranes where people might find them. On each crane he wrote how grateful he was for the chemotherapies that saved his life along with “Today is the last day of my leukemia treatment. I’m happy I’m alive! Peyton, age 14." 

Peyton loves to teach others, and now you know how to fold paper cranes in order to inspire and show that even the smallest acts, and smallest gifts, compound in dramatic and transformative ways.