Joshua Margolis, Meghan Brosnan and Children at Crown Mountain Park, Peyton's Potion Testimonial PhotoWe started using Peyton’s Potion when our first daughter was born and instantly became obsessed. We loved the scent of the essential oil blend & how well it cleaned. As new parents we were relieved to find a cleaner that didn’t use harsh chemicals or toxins. We were lucky enough to partner with Jess and Peyton in 2018 and together we’ve reformulated Peyton’s Potion with 100% organic essential oils. Being part of the Peyton’s Potion team, raising funds for children with cancer, and getting to share one of our favorite products with others has been a remarkably uplifting experience for our family (and we’re just getting started.) -Joshua & Meghan, Glenwood Springs, CO


Carrie Widener and child at Rifle Gap, Colorado, Peyton's Potion TestimonialI only want to use natural products that are safe for my family, home, and environment. Finding Peyton's Potion has been wonderful. I love the way it cleans and I love the smell. I also love giving it as gifts.  -Carrie, Seattle


Heinz Tamm on Front Porch in Rocking Chair, Peyton's Potion TestimonialI’ve been using Peyton's Potion for years. Every time I have a pain, I spray Peyton’s Potion on it and in 15 minutes it goes away. I spray it and the smell just lightens everything up. -Heinz, Glenwood Springs, CO

Heinz was an original enthusiast of Peyton’s Potion. He passed away in 2019 at the age of 96. We’re grateful to have visited Heinz at his home where he shared his thoughts on Peyton’s Potion. Although Peyton's Potion is not designed for topical use, it is safe for most skin types and Heinz primarily used it on his sore legs.


Mishe Skenderova in her studio, Elk Mountain Pottery, Marble, Colorado, Peyton's Potion TestimonialI’ve been using the spray for a few years, and love it. The scent is natural and refreshing, and the product looks so beautiful. I keep the bottle out on the counter for easy access. As a potter, I appreciate that it is handmade. As an acupuncturist, I love that it’s a clean and safe product that supports childhood cancer research. -Mishe, Marble, CO


Sarah and Denny Burke with Child, Peyton's Potion TestimonialWe try to live a healthy, joyful, simple and sustainable life. Peyton’s Potion is the only cleaning product we need - no harsh chemicals, smell is calming and clean, we can use it on all surfaces and it uses a recyclable glass bottle, not to mention, it fits the budget! We continue to clean our house using the refill bottles and feel safe and comfortable with our 2 year old son touching any surface. -The Burke Family, Oak Park, IL