frequently asked questions

Where can I use Peyton's Potion?

Peyton's Potion can be used on any surface - all counter types, glass, mirrors, tile, wood, bathtubs, toilets, car dashboards, yoga mats, as a hand cleanser, an air freshener, and an aromatherapeutic mood booster. Peyton's Potion can be used on any type of flooring but we do recommend testing a small portion of your floor to see if it is slippery. Please read a complete list of suggested use.

Why is Peyton's Potion safe?

Peyton's Potion is made with 100% organic essential oils and a naturally derived soap solution. Our essential oil dilution is about 1%. This means they are concentrated enough to be effective, and diluted enough to be hypoallergenic for most people. Read more about our Safe & Uplifting ingredients to learn about our formula's cleaning and therapeutic benefits.

How can what you clean with affect your health? 

Soon after Peyton's cancer diagnosis his mom, Jess, learned the most toxicity a child is exposed to on a daily basis is from household cleaners. Jess gathered hundreds of dollars worth of bottles and sprayers from around her house and threw them in the garbage. Many cleaning supplies or household products can irritate the eyes or throat, or cause headaches and other health problems, including cancer. Some products release dangerous chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Other harmful ingredients commonly found in many cleaners include ammonia and bleach.

Is Peyton's Potion a disinfectant? Can it kill COVID-19?

Peyton's Potion is not a disinfectant and there is no research done on whether it can kill any virus, including COVID-19. Peyton's Potion is an essential oil and soap based cleaner. The CDC's guideline states soap and water are the first line of defense against a virus, and to clean a surface before it is disinfected. Our On-the-Go 1 oz Travel Spritzer can be used as an anytime/anywhere hand cleanser. Spray generously on your hands and rub them together for twenty seconds as you would in the sink. It will leave your hands clean and with no sticky or filmy residue.

Is Peyton's Potion safe for septic systems?

Peyton's Potion is 100% biodegradable and therefor safe for septic systems, you, your home, and the planet.

How is Peyton's Potion different than other cleaners?

Peyton's Potion's origins, formula, effectiveness in multiple uses, and mission all make it a one of a kind cleaner.

Can I use Peyton's Potion in the dishwasher?

Please do not use Peyton's Potion in the dishwasher. Like a typical dish soap or hand soap, Peyton's Potion would create too many suds for the dishwasher to handle. We do recommend adding a couple tablespoons from your Peyton's Potion spray bottle to your washing machine to give your laundry an aromatherapeutic mood boost. 

Does Peyton's Potion work with hard water or well water?

Peyton's Potion will work with hard water or well water but whenever possible we recommend using filtered water. This can be out of your refrigerator, a filtered pitcher, or bottled water. The cleaner the water the less chance of spots and streaks after using Peyton's Potion.

What makes Peyton's Potion smell so good?

Peyton's Potion is made with a blend of thirteen organic essential oils. It is a formula cofounders Jess & Peyton Armstrong developed while Peyton was going through chemotherapy. Peyton was sensitive to smells during this time and he had the final say on the aroma profile. They chose the essential oils for their antibacterial, antimicrobial, immune supporting, and mood boosting qualities. Peyton's Potion has a bright smooth aroma with a warm finish.

Can I recycle the bottle, or do you reuse them?

Our glass bottles are recyclable in most areas.  Please contact your local recycling center to confirm. We do have customers who send us back the refill bottles and we clean and then reuse those. We loving using Peyton's Potion refill bottles to hold other essential oil blends we create, as travel containers for bath and body products and as vases for the plentiful wildflowers that grow in the mountains around our office.

Where is Peyton's Potion made?

Peyton's potion is bottled by hand in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Our organic essential oils are sourced from all over the world. When possible our bottling and shipping supplies are sourced from the U.S. Currently all of our spray bottles are made in the U.S.