Uniting To End Children's Cancer

2021 CureSearch Walk uniting to end children's cancer featuring Jess ArmstrongEveryday, for the last 11 years, I start my day off with giving thanks that Peyton is alive.
This past weekend, at the CureSearch fundraising walk held in Denver, Colorado, I thought -- what if we didn't have organizations like CureSearch that support the research that saves lives? How many children would not survive cancer? Peyton wouldn't be here today, that's for sure.  Researchers rely on philanthropy, rely on altruism, rely on the warm and caring hearts of others.
In this month's blog post I want to highlight the Denver CureSearch Walk. I am so grateful to have been part of the committee to plan this year's event. I was amazed to see all the effort involved in putting on an event that both celebrates the research for childhood cancers and honors the children currently in cancer treatment and also those who have passed away this past year from cancer. It tugged at my heart to see families come to the main stage who's child passed away to receive a rose and a moment of silence for them.
This walk was a kickoff to childhood cancer awareness month in September. To express my gratitude even more to CureSearch, for every order of Peyton's Potion in the month of September, our Armstrong family will add to your donation to CureSearch through your purchase by doubling it!
With so much love to you and for your supporting one of the greatest causes on earth for children.
Jessica ArmstrongJess is Peyton’s mom and co-founder of Peyton’s Potion. She is a Life Story journal writer and storyteller. Jess has been keeping journals from a young age. Her journal entries throughout Peyton’s cancer treatment were also posted regularly on caringbridge.org
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