A Holiday Note From Peyton

December 7, 2021

Happy holidays everyone! I hope this season has been treating you well and you’ve been able to enjoy yourselves. Every year this time, I remember the feeling of both hope and worry from when I was in cancer treatment. I hoped I would be home for the holiday celebration, but equally worried that I might miss out on the opportunity to be with family. Of course, I am grateful every day that I am no longer in chemotherapy, and when holiday seasons come around, I am that much more grateful I am still here, able to celebrate with the people I hold dearest in my heart. 

Holiday seasons are a mix of  family, food and wonderful aromas that invite a sense of joy and comfort. I remember my favorite part of Christmas as a kid was making gingerbread houses. My mom would make the gingerbread from scratch - cinnamon, clove and ginger filled the house. Scents contribute to the uplifting memories that make holidays so special.

I am particularly excited this winter season to announce a new product for Peyton’s Potion! Peyton’s Potion Neat Oil is the wonderful and uplifting scent of Peyton’s Potion without the soap or water, just the high quality, organic essential oils. Use it topically, or in a diffuser for your home as an air freshener. Peyton’s Potion Neat Oil is something we have been working on a lot recently. I hope that Peyton’s Potion Neat Oil aroma can be part of creating uplifting memories for your holiday season and all year round. 

Happy Holidays and New Year!

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